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Friday, 29 September 2017

Amazing Collection of Top 20+ Banana Costume for Halloween 2017

What more famous fruit for a costume can there ever is than the banana? The Banana costume is perhaps one of the easiest yet still appealing costumes that have ever been conceptualized. It has been a popular choice for many adult couples and parents who want to make their babies be a part of the Halloween party or any costume event.

There are several variations of the Banana Halloween costume. You can choose from the colors alike the real fruit. It comes in the most common color yellow, while the others option to explore. There are green and red banana costumes available in some markets. A banana costume is usually just a bodysuit in yellow, red or green that is made from durable fabric and sometimes with a thin layer of foam. The price of Banana costume for adults available in standard to extra large sizes is about $25 to $40. Take off about $10 to $20 for the kids’ costume.

If you want to have a finished ‘banana look’, get stockings, leotards, leggings or tight pants, a long sleeved shirt, and black shoes. Of course, you have to match the color of the said accessories to the color of your chosen bodysuit.

Banana Halloween Costumes

Banana Halloween Costumes

Moreover, the Banana costume remains a great choice for infants and toddlers as this is an ensemble that could give enough warmth for their whole body. Most Banana Halloween Costumes for Babies cover their entire body with holes only for their arms and face. On the other hand, it may be hard to look for the perfect size the suits your baby. You may opt to make his or her own customized costume. Especially if you have some knack for sewing, you can take advantage of this opportunity to make his or her first costume created with much more thought and dedication.

You will need the following materials: a soft yellow, green or red fabric, white body suit or onesie with hood with short sleeves, zipper or Velcro, pattern paper and sketching material, black ribbons or thick strings or yarn, fabric glue and some sewing materials. If you have a sewing machine, use that to hasten the pace of finishing the banana costume.

First, you have to make a pattern. Get the bodysuit of your baby and outline at least 4 inches as allowance around it. Trace the pattern into the fabric material. Make two of these. On the both cut fabric pieces, draw thin lines to resemble the pattern of a banana. Glue in the black strings into these fabric pieces. On one fabric piece, cut where you want to place the zipper or Velcro, which would later serve as the opening of the costume. Sew the zipper or Velcro into that area. Before putting the two pieces together, remember to designate holes for your baby’s legs and arms.

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Banana Halloween Costumes for Womens

Use the legs and arms of the bodysuit. One final thing you need to do before sewing these pieces together is to cut the upper edge of the fabric pieces to resemble banana peelings. Around 3 to 4 cuts would be fine. After that, put the pieces together. When it is all done, dress up your baby with the white bodysuit or hoodie onesie. His head would serve as the fruit itself. Since his arms would be exposed, make him or her wear long socks to serve as his or her gloves. You can also partner a yellow jacket for added protection and warmth.

For the adults, the costume has holes for their legs so as they can walk with ease. This can then be a great option for the whole family. From you, your partner to your kids, you can look like a fresh bunch of bananas. As for the couples, the famous twin bananas in their night pajamas would be another twist for the banana costume. For groups, you can decide among yourselves who gets to be the bunch of bananas and the gorillas. You and your friends will have so much fun when you get to still role-play who is the predator, that is the gorilla, and who is the prey, that is the banana.

Bananas in Pajamas Costumes: For Those Who Want the Best

There are only a few kids’ show characters which are as memorable as the tandem of the Bananas in Pajamas. These guys have fascinated kids from the world over, and they have been quite consistent in doing so.

This is why if you are looking for a costume to wear this Halloween, it would be best if you considered having these characters as a costume.  This choice is a very recognizable one, considering the popularity that they have, and you will just have a grand time with them!  All you have to do is to pick the one which will suit your preference and your budget as well.

Buy Online Banana Halloween Costumes with Lowest Price

If you are really intent in finding the best costume, then you will be happy to know that you can actually find the best choices through the Internet.  You can utilize its different websites and online shops in order to have the one which will suit you the best.

However, it must also be noted that if you do decide to Buy Halloween Costume Online, you must check the seller’s feedbacks, in order to assure yourself that you are dealing with one who has an excellent reputation to speak of.  Through this, you can be assured that you are getting your money’s worth.

Banana Halloween Costume Ideas 2017

Kids Banana Costume
Teen Banana Costume
Adult Banana Costume
Toddler Banana Costume
Plus Size Banana Costume
Banana Flasher Costume
Rasta Banana Costume
Adult Deluxe Banana Costume
Teen Banana Hoodie
Child Zombie Banana Costume
Baby Banana Bunting
Adult Zombie Banana Costume
Adult Inflatable Banana Costume
Adult Supreme Banana Costume
Plus Size Adult Banana Hoodie
Plus Size Zombie Banana Costume

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