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Friday, 29 September 2017

25+ Best Selling Ghost Halloween Costume for 2017

There is probably nothing than can better complete a Halloween than a good old Ghost Halloween Costume. It is like tie and suit, or cherry on parfait. The other just will not do without the other.

It is for this reason that it is one of the most popular choices to both adults and children. Just imagine a Halloween without single person sporting a Halloween Ghost Costume. That is just a bit too sad. So if you want a costume that will definitely not do you wrong, this might be what you are looking for. You will never be out of place and you will be right at home.

So go ahead and grab yourself a good set of Halloween Ghost Costume. This way, you are sure to hit any Halloween celebrations with a banging entrance. And perhaps harvest more candies, chocolates and happy treats from trick or treat than anyone else.

Ghost Halloween Costume Ideas 2017

Ghost Halloween Costume Ideas 2017

So just what exactly made the Ghost Costume the undisputed king of Halloween costume parties? Just imagine, when you think of horror films and scary novels, the most common thing to expect is a ghost. When you are alone and frightened, you are probably imagining a ghost. Yes, the ghost perhaps most effectively embodies the word ‘horror’ and thus, ‘Halloween’.

Another good reason why you should choose a Halloween Ghost Costume is because it probably comes in more variety than other costumes. So even if it is a popular choice, you can still ensure yourself some uniqueness. And just about anyone can wear them too. Sizes and designs for both adults and children can be easily found at your favorite Halloween Shop.

But amidst this wide array of selection, getting the right one that suits you best can be tricky. Therefore it is important to understand your own personal preferences. You also need to consider your age, weight and height.

Probably the most classical and common form of a Halloween Ghost Costume is that of a white cloth covering you entire body. It is very minimalist in design and usually only sports an eye hole and a mouth hole. This is a common choice for children.

Another design that has gained popularity looks more like a long flowing white gown with overly long sleeves that almost touches the ground. Designs vary a lot but the head is usually not completely covered or not covered at all so the wearer usually uses a lot of white make-up or foundation for a pale, blood-drained look. Black eye shadow, black lipstick and black manicure also add for a maximum effect. This is the common choice for girls and women.

There is also a design that looks very similar to a bridal gown. And to add a little touch of horror into it, it usually sports gothic details and perhaps some rips. This is usually the choice of sophisticated ladies. Another good design for a Halloween Costume is the one that looks a lot like a tuxedo. The gothic details and design actually makes it closely resemble the Mad Hatter of Alice in Wonderland. This is a usual choice for gents.

Though very different in appearances, these different kinds of Halloween Ghost Costumes usually come in pale white or dirty white fabric. Lately however, versions using black fabric are becoming more and more popular.  Now that you have familiarized yourself with all the many different kinds of Ghostly Costumes for Halloween, have you decided on what to get? Maybe you have your mind made up by now. But there are other things that you must also keep in mind.

You can further personalize or even improve the overall appearance of your chosen costume by choosing the right accessories to go with them. You also have to choose the right hairstyle and the right make-up. You can get all of these from your favorite Halloween shop. It is also a good idea to browse pictures of models wearing Halloween ghost costumes on the internet. This will help guide you on getting the look that you want.

Another costume that might interest you this year is the Ghost busters Costume…this is probably the closest opposite from a Ghost costume but it is fun and there are a lot to choose from. For another option consider the Corpse costume…it’ll definitely scare a few people!

Halloween is the time of the year that all the evils, ghouls, monsters and just about any creature or even inanimate object can be portrayed by anyone. But the best thing that can perfectly represent this event is the ghost. After all, this event can be rooted from the ancient celebrations devoted to spirits. Meanwhile, there are many ghost costumes around these days, which are made more interesting via their respective accessories.

The variety of ghost costume accessories is very wide. Each costume option has very specific set of complementary components. For the modern take on ghost creatures, you might want to consider the Ghost Rider character. The look of this comics-to-film personality can be achieved via a character mask. Get items such as studded gauntlet gloves and signature staff.

Another ghost mask inspired from mainstream media (think, 90s horror thriller film) is the white ghastly long face with wide eyes. This often comes with an attached black hood.

Ghost Halloween Costumes for Adults

If you rather want to stick to the basic ghost look, you have a wide selection of masks. Since a ghost can be any disembodied soul of a dead being, you then have the freedom to choose the type of mask. Some of the favorites are mummy masks and zombie masks.

Being a ghost is one thing. Spooking others is another. And you can do it effectively given the right props!

Ghost Halloween Costumes

Child Soul Taker Costume
Girls Haunted Beauty Costume
Kids Friendly Ghost Costume
Ghost Pirate Costume
Child Spooky Ghost Costume
Womens Ghost Costume
Toddler Ghost Costume
Girls Ghost Tutu Dress
Ghostly Gentleman Costume
Child Bleeding Ghost Face Costume
Adult Graveyard Ghost Costume
Kids Ghost Costume
Adult Spooky Ghost Costume
Scary Crypt Crawler Costume
Adult Ghost Costume
Child Scream Costume
Men's Soul Taker Costume
Victorian Ghost Bride Costume
Kids Ghost Ship Pirate Costume
Child Midnight Ghost Costume
Child Howling Horror Costume
Ghostly Spirit Women's Costume
Plus Spooky Ghost Costume
Kids Floating Ghost Skin Suit
Child Ghostly Spirit Costume
Adult Ghostly Gentleman Costume
Child Black Faceless Ghost Costume
Child Ghost Bride
Teen Ghost Face Costume
Plus Size Scream Costume
Victorian Ghost Groom

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