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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

30+ Good Harry Potter Halloween Costume for 2017

In modern fiction mystical literature, the Harry Potter series took over all corners of the world by storm. Its author has managed to pave the way for several franchise products out of the book series characters, from the annual big screen interpretations, toys, ‘spin-off’ books, games and of course, a wide range of Harry Potter Halloween Costume packages.

Harry Potter Costume for Halloween

The Harry Potter Halloween Costume is a favorite among all ages – from kids to adults. For both age groups, the Harry Potter ensemble is mainly composed of only the black robe with hood lined with maroon fabric. It is also adorned with an old-fashioned clasp and the Hogwarts School emblem. The robe usually costs about $30 for the adult sizes from standard to large. For the kids, it would only cost about $19. The kid costume is available in small, medium and large sizes. Beneath this robe, you can just dress up with a white collared shirt, red and gray striped tie, black pants and black leather shoes.

Harry Potter Halloween Costume

Accessories are almost as important as the above mentioned Harry Potter Halloween Costume options to make your Harry look really distinguishable. First of all, you would not be Harry if you do not have the thin rimmed circular glasses and the lightning-like scar in the forehead. There are various clear eyeglasses without grade that you can buy in some malls. As for the scar, you can buy cosmetic make up kits to forge this signature scar. Or go hassle-free and get a skin tone colored sticker, cut it up like the lightning pattern and stick it on your forehead.

Harry Potter Halloween Costumes for Adults

Moreover, if you are going for the Hogwarts school-Gryffindor dormer boy look, never forget to get antique looking thick books, magic wand and his loyal companion owl, Hedwig. You can scour thrift or vintage stores with such books. As for the wand, you can just find a twig. Scruff up the rough edges and apply a thin coat of clear varnish to make it look as authentic as it can get. As for the owl, there is an available stuffed toy Hedwig in most stores that mainly sell Harry Potter costumes. It resembles closely to the real owl but has less hassle of handling the real bird. You can even attach it on your shoulder. If you are rooting for the sporty Quidditch Seeker star player look, remember to accessorize with the Quidditch battling broom, bludgers (large balls) or the hard-to-get golden snitch ball. These accessories, from the Hedwig owl to the Quidditch gear, cost about $15 to $35 a piece.

As Harry Potter develops into a sturdier young man, the movie extensions per year showcase his wardrobe differently. Starting from the third Harry Potter movie (The Prisoner of Azkaban), Harry and the rest of the Hogwarts School began to explore variations of clothing. They began to dress more like Muggles (human) rather than the elusive young magicians clad in black flowy and sometimes oversized robes all the time. If you want to dress down, you can opt to have the casual look of Harry Potter. Find the golden yellow and maroon striped long sleeved shirts in most stores. This also bears the Gryffindor or Hogwarts emblem. For your bottoms, any pair of denim jeans would do. Partner the whole ensemble with a scarf also of the same color scheme.

Harry Potter Halloween Costumes for Kids

Along with the Harry Potter Halloween costume line are the costumes of the other equally world-renowned characters such as Hermione, Ron, Professor Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall, the main antagonists Draco Malfoy, Lucius Malfoy and of course, Voldemort, among others. Moreover, even the dreadful Dementors are a popular choice during Halloween as this costume truly emanates fear and the scary vibe of this ghostly occasion.

It would be so much more fun if you can get to have your friends or family dress up in varying characters. Balance your group by having the same amount of protagonists and antagonists. Whisk away with your brooms and wands. Cast wild spells in the streets and make the most of your Harry Potter Halloween Costume.

Harry Potter Halloween Costumes for Boys

If you try to think about the past years, you will realize that there are no characters which have created such a spur and fascination like the Harry Potter characters have.  The magic which the story of this young wizard has fascinated millions of children all over the world, and this is why at such an early start, the books and movies him have been supported with such fervor.  This is why as early as now – these characters can be considered as iconic.

Because of this fascination with the story and its characters, there are numerous items which seem to be quite as successful as well.  From toys, school supplies, bags and even costumes, as long as the Harry Potter logo is there, success can safely be expected.

Harry Potter Halloween Costumes for Girls

This is why if you are looking for a costume to wear on Halloween or on other costume-themed parties, then the best choice is no other than this.  May it be for an adult or for a kid, this costume choice will certainly do wonders.  Be assured that if you have one, you will have no regrets.

Always remember though that if you buy your costume for Halloween, make sure that you are buying from a reputable seller.  Through this you can be assured that you are getting a costume with high quality materials at a reasonable price.  If these are complied with, you know that you are getting the costume worth every penny that you spent.

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