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Friday, 29 September 2017

21+ Best Pumpkin Costume for Halloween

Nothing symbolizes the Halloween season better than a good old jack o’ lantern lighting up your lawns. But it doesn’t have to just end up there.  Rather than keeping old Jack on your grassy lawn, why not walk around impersonating him by wearing the Pumpkin Halloween Costumes yourself.

The Jack o’ Lantern came from an old Irish Story. It’s the story of how a man named Stingy Jack fooled the devil a few times. This forced the devil to come to an agreement with the clever Jack. The devil was never to bother Stingy Jack and never even claim his soul. When Stingy Jack died, heaven did not accept such a treacherous soul and with his deal with the devil, even Hell was not going to accept him.

In the end, Stingy Jack was left to wander in the dark with light from a burning coal that he placed inside a carved out turnip. From then on, Stingy Jack has been known as “Jack of the Lantern” and later on “Jack o’ Lantern”. Instead of a turnip though, the pumpkin became the burning light’s home.

Halloween Pumpkin Costume

Halloween Pumpkin Costume

Since then, pumpkins with carved faces have always completed the Halloween decorations of families around the World. Carving up your own Jack o’ Lanterns has always been a fun activity for families to do this scare season. But rather than keeping them the spirit at home you can visit your local shop or go online to look at an available Pumpkin Halloween Costume for 2017.

Pumpkin Halloween Costume for Kids

Little kids always look cute in the traditional black and orange of Halloween cheer. What would look even cuter would be to dress them up as little walking pumpkins. Kids would look absolutely adorable strolling around the neighborhood as plump little pumpkins with scary faces. Even better is you can try to find a Pumpkin Halloween Costume that do not just look like Jack’ o Lanterns but also a costume that light up like the real ones. Imagine your children lighting up the streets as they go door to door to ask for candy. Also, just think of how the faces of other people in your town would also light up with cheer upon seeing your little pumpkin children.

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Even the adults can get into the pumpkin fun. Pumpkin Halloween Costumes for teens and grownups are also available in costume shops locally and online. If you want to look like a walking fat pumpkin, you can find a costume that suits you. Make it light with the available accessories or even dazzle it up with your touch. If you want to go and walk around as the scary Jack, you can look for a scary pumpkin head mask and dress yourself up in the most ghoulish black robe or a dress you can find in the shop. Add some more scare by adding eerie lights inside your mask to add some effects to your scary attire.

Pumpkin Halloween Costumes for Adults

If you do not want to be like everybody else, you can improvise the costume that you have and maybe walk around with a removable pumpkin head. Hide your head inside your robe or dress (just make sure you can see well even in the dark) and then attach your pumpkin head on top of your head. With this attire you can add a little surprise for unsuspecting little ghosts and monsters that will come knocking at your doorstep. Start by greeting them a cheerful “Happy Halloween”, give out some sweets and just before they leave bid them goodbye with a little lifting of your pumpkin head.

Nothing beats a little Halloween cheer by scaring the heck out of little children. Be inventive and maybe you can think of better ways to add scare to your Pumpkin Halloween Costume. Spreading a little Halloween scare doesn’t need to end on your lawn. Nothing beats classical Halloween symbols to brighten up the celebration.  Dress up in an old Jack o’ Lantern costume, other vegetable costumes, or even fruit costumes, and bring a traditional character back to life as your Halloween costume 2017.

Pumpkin Costume Accessories

Who says pumpkins are only just for decorations? In fact you could be the plumpest and cutest pumpkin or Jack o’ Lantern in town with the best pumpkin ensembles complete with the matching accessories to boost your look. Why settle for plain old pumpkin when you could be the most rock and rollin’ orange vegetable of all times?

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Your kiddos will surely love the pumpkin items that will make their trick or treat adventure a smashing fun and adventure. Avail the pumpkin trick or treat bag to match all their Halloween and themed attires. You could also have a more refreshing choice such as the collapsible pumpkin basket, 8” pumpkin treat bucket and the pumpkin plush basket.

Pumpkin Halloween Costumes for Toddlers

Even your toddlers will have the feel of Halloween with the charming Little Pumpkin toddler and infant pacifier and the Pumpkin toddler bag for your baby things and supplies.

Give your little ladies the most fashionable pumpkin adventure in the orange and black striped stockings or tights or the green and black striped tights for kids. Intensify their spooky yet fashionable look with the pumpkin purse. If you want peace of mind as the trick or treat adventure continues, avail the safety light up slap bracelet or the flashy pumpkin flashlight.
Pumpkin Halloween Costumes
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